This work is a video triptych that I have made with the three generations of women in my family. It is an exploration of identity

that looks at the memories, the present and the future projections of my mother, myself and my daughter.

We consider the ages of 7, 17, 35, 50 and 70 years of age. I chose these ages because I wanted all of us to be able to relate some

memory. It was made one year ago when my daughter was 17, I was 50 and my mother was 70. What became evident upon

listening to these stories is how inevitably there is an element of construction with memories depending on which parts we recall.

What is revealed with my mother, myself and my daughter is a strong shift in the concept of self, gender stereotypes and sense of

what we see for ourselves and how these have changed over the three generations of women living in Melbourne, Australia.

The triptych is shot using two iPhones placed side by side to produce a split screen. Any movement in the video is a natural response

to breathing and unsteady hand holding of the small recorders. 

We, the subjects, gaze at our reflected (mirrored) selves whilst undertaking the ritual of applying makeup and telling our story. I chose

the concept of applying makeup as it takes us from our private selves to our public selves. The viewer sees the subjects transform from

the natural through to the made up. I see the split, mirrored and projected self as parts of the multiple selves we inevitably present to

the world.


This video triptych was a finalist for: You See Me - Personal Identities in the Digital Age, Visible White Photo & Video Prize, May - June,

2014, Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Florence, Italy