Melbourne Docklands, 2012


Welded Steel, Paint and LED Lighting

W 650cm x H 165cm x D 30cm


“PERFECTLY POISED” was a large site specific text installation. It is a striking statement that was used to create desire

and sell the dream lifestyle promoted in new and upmarket apartment developments. The two words were taken directly

from the text of advertising, it eloquently and immediately expresses the hyperbole of real estate marketing that relies on

the language of the hyperreal to brand and promote the Dockland’s executive image.


In keeping with the Docklands environmentally friendly, low energy program, “PERFECTLY POISED” was lit by low voltage

LED lighting. The text was highly visible during the day and was lit with spotlights for night time viewing, allowing those

taking an evening promenade to view it from afar or to be seen by those in their apartments and offices from above. The

intention was to encourage people to reflect on the meaning of the text, and to capture viewer’s imagination on how these

words may resonate on a multiplicity of levels.


This installation was created with support from The Victorian College of the Arts and Lend Lease.