VCA Graduate Works, 2013



Welded Steel and Canvas


This installation is part of a body of work that references topography, suburbia the domestic and memory.  These topics

are constructs that contribute to a societal need to manage our domestic and interstitial spaces and social culture.  The

work is an exploration of the narrative of suburban vernacular that relates to Melbourne’s past and present, and to memory

as a malleable idea of culture.  It is intended that this installation evoke both the past and the present, and considers the

notion of the uncanny.  The work examines the idea of how art can provide a window to our shared memory and




Welded Steel and Plaster 



Welded Steel, Plaster and Timber


 Welded Steel


Door Half Open was selected as a Finalist and awarded Highly Commended for the Nillumbik Prize, 2014

Welded Steel and Plaster



 Welded Steel, Plaster and Concrete


Welded Steel and Cotton Tablecloth


 These three pieces were selected to be shown at the Fresh show for Emerging Artists at Craft for 2014

Welded Steel, Concrete, Plaster and Timber

Approx 3000mm h x 350mm wide