Windsor Hotel, Melbourne, 2013



Neon and on a Perspex Sheet 

W: 170cm x H: 30cm x D 10cm


taking the time was a site specific installation at The Windsor Hotel.  The phrase, a found text was sourced  from the 

the website Tripadvisor.  Guests review their experience at the hotel, and whether reveiws were negative or positive

the response was in many cases to say "Thank you for taking the time to review our hotel ..."  This let me to consider

if indeed we can take the time?  Whilst time ever continutes to pass, it has a sense of the past in memory, an immediate

present and he unexperienced future that gets carrries forward in time. These concepts are built into our language,

thoughts and behaviors. How we live our lives depends from moment to moment on how we consider taking the time.



taking the time as seen from the street view reflecting Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne.